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Right Data can help you make the Right Decisions

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Watt-i-consume helps organisations measure accurately the power consumption of ANY device, Rack, Data Centre, production line, building.
By adding our IP enabled multimeter into your network, you will immediately identify what is exactly costing to operate, built your product, or maintain your customer infrastructure.

What we see is what you consume

We base our measurements on TRUE RMS. More than 25000 samples per second, guarantees that what we see, is what you exactly consume!!
And we securely send all your power related data in our cloud infrastructure, keeping them safely on our fully flexible environment, so that you can get the level of detail you want, whenever you want it, wherever you are.

Deep Power Insights

Did we said more than 25000 samples? This is only for a single phase device. For a 3 phase device we base our measurement on 3 times the 25000+ samples !!! And we can do more on the same managed approach ! Set your thresholds, warnings and we can inform you instantly on any device, or system. We believe that only the RIGHT DATA can help you make the RIGHT DECISIONS !

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Contact us for more details : info@watticonsume.com