Power Consumption Visibility & Analytics

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True RMS measurement & Power data acquisition for any device!

Real time, fully detailed power analytics

Power health check Operational planning & forecast

How it works

  • Connect the AC/DC meter with the power distribution board of your infrastructure and/or device.
  • Connect the meter with your internet gateway.
  • Login to www.watticonsume.gr and start measuring accurately your power consumption.
  • Create your own alarms and start getting notification on any device.


  • Easy installation – No business interruption*
  • Accurate billing information for your customers or internal cost centre.
  • Pro-actively prevent downtime by creating customized warnings & alarms
  • Power Capacity Planning and load balancing
  • Predict power usage trends to avoid downtime and save on OPEX
  • Schedule your production, cooling and work loads, based on energy cost for saving OPEX
  • Justify technology refresh

Case studies

  • Pre-Paid applications: Vessel Accomodation, infrastructure rentals, Expo
  • Service Providers: POPs, Remote infrastructure, collocation equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Certify Energy Efficiency

Infrastructure power management

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As a Service, for any device

Our IP based multimeter, brings the DataCenter experience and accuracy

and offers out of the box unique features

IP based multimeter unique features

Our IP based multimeter, brings the DataCenter experience and accuracy and offers out of the box unique features:


  • True RMS, 25000+ samples per second
  • Billing Grade Accuracy
  • 1 or 3 phase: Voltage(V), Frequency (Hz) and PhaseShift ( o )
  • Per current: True RMS Current (A), Real Power (W), Apparent Power (VA), Power Factor (%), Power Consumption (kWh), KiloVolt Amp Hours (kVAh)
  • Per group : Total Current (A), Neutral Current (A) , Total Real Power (W) and Total Power Consumption (kWh)
  • Oscilloscopic view: Realtime wave form graph of voltage and current per sensor

Combined with the fully customizable cloud based monitoring and logging platform, you have all power related data  for your device in one place.

Power Metering as a Service ( PMaaS )

Power Metering as a Service (PMaaS) offers:

  • Billing Grade, accurate, real time measurements
  • Detailed logs for all power related metrics
  • Fully customized Reports
  • Fully customized Alarms and Notifications
  • Quality assurance on your power infrastructure

Because forewarned is forearmed !!

Only reliable data can help you make the right decisions.
  • We offer accurate Power consumption visibility for any device.
  • Power Analytics to improve Business Decisions.

Our goal is to offer fully detailed power insights as a Service!
  • Affordable fixed initial cost depending on the Amps of the monitoring device
  • Small monthly fee based on cloud utilisation
  • Live mode option

Real time, fully detailed power analytics


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